We've Moved!

Primordium Labs is now Plasmidsaurus. Click the button below to open your target page at plasmidsaurus.com

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Is Primordium Labs shutting down?

No, the opposite. Primordium Labs has grown too big, and as a consequence, we need to unify operations to streamline the experience of our large customer base. Primordium Labs and Plasmidsaurus have been operating as a single company for about a year as we have worked to allow all scientists to have the same experience. The team that built Primordium Labs is equally important to the new Plasmidsaurus as the original Plasmidsaurus team.

Merging the companies enables us to offer better and more comprehensive service to Primordium Labs customers, who now have access to Bacterial genome sequencing and BAC plasmid sequencing. Original Plasmidsaurus customers now have access to Zeroprep and Premium PCR sequencing, and will be using elements of the Primordium Labs bioinformatics analysis pipeline. Customers of both companies can now use the same dropboxes, ensuring the fastest possible results for everyone.

Merging the companies allows us to focus more effort on improving data analysis software, and also to release new products. You will see new features and services very soon.

Will my username and password work at plasmidsaurus.com?

Yes, your primordiumlabs.com username and password will work plasmidsaurus.com. If you had accounts with the same email at both sites, you should use the primordiumlabs.com password.

Do I need to update my finances or purchase orders?

No, not right now. Primordium Labs purchase orders and finances will continue to be valid. Eventually, all billing will be done via the unified Plasmidsaurus entity and we can work with you to update the vendor info when it is needed.

Will my historic data be available?

Yes, all data from Primordium Labs will be available via the new plasmidsaurus.com. Please let us know if you have trouble finding anything.

Why did you choose the name Plasmidsaurus instead of Primordium Labs?

We talked with many customers of both companies, and even some of the biggest fans of Primordium Labs said they prefer the Plasmidsaurus. It is a mouthful (so is Primordium Labs), but dinosaurs are fun and the name is unique.